Intention Holder

Available: height 1.5-2in | diameter 3in

Intention Holder

Available: height 1.5-2in | diameter 3in


We created this intention and gratitude holder to add a sense of beauty, peace, and grounding that nature brings forth into this design.

We like to start and end our days with an intention and gratitude ritual, and thought you might enjoy it, too! You can use it as a display, a focal point, or as a ritual piece.

If you have a question, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Wood, crystal, whitewashed finish


When you awaken each morning, jot down your intention for the day and slide it into one of the rings. When you go to bed, write down three things that fill you with a sense of gratitude.

The quartz crystal in the center will radiate through your intention and gratitude to amplify them.

As an option, the intention holder can be enhanced with guided meditations. We created a morning and evening meditation to help you in your intention and gratitude rituals. Meditations are enhanced by binaural sounds that help your brain to easier get into a meditative state. For the best effect, listen to the meditations using your headphones.

One of the things we are deeply grateful for is the opportunity to share our connection with nature with you. We hope this brings you a wider sense of connection–to us and to the larger world of nature where we all meet.

Available to buy early 2023

Shipping: Shipped from NY, USA

Seller:  em-body-ment
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Seller:  em-body-ment
  Ask the seller a question


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