Cleansing Ritual Kit


Available: 1 Kit

Cleansing Ritual Kit


Available: 1 Kit

Are you feeling a little sluggish or stuck? Or just needing a fresh start? You may be holding some negative or stagnate energy in your emotional field or your environment. Negative and stagnate energy can effect your mental and physical state.

Smudging or burning sage is an ancient ritual used to cleanse yourself or your space, smudging can be preformed during meditation to create a cleansed and calm environment.

Use our cleansing ritual kit to invite clarity and positivity.

Included in your kit-

1 Small Sage – Assists in purification and cleansing the emotional body and space of negativity. 

 1 Palo Santo – Sweet and sugary scent, works quickly to increases relaxation and bring about feelings of positivity in any space.

 1 Selenite Wand – Enhances and recharges the energy of your other crystals, dispels and blocks negative energy in your environment making this the perfect protection crystal, bringing clarity and positivity.

How to use your Cleansing Ritual Kit 

So what exactly is smudging? – Burning sage and Palo Santo is an age old ritual called smudging, its purpose is to cleanse you and your home of negative and stagnate energy.

So why is this important? – Let me give you some examples; Have you ever been to view a potential home and said ‘it just doesn’t feel right’, or have you ever been around a certain person and felt the energy being drained from you, resulting in you just feeling exhausted when you leave? Or do you feel completely uplifted and energised around positive people and you are buzzing when your around them? THIS IS ALL ENERGY!

We are all carrying and transferring energy from ourselves and others around everyday and into our homes. Smudging yourself and your home regularly help to clear those energy fields to help you think clearer and make you feel less stuck. Smudging aids in dispelling negative energy & helps cultivate the feeling of positivity. An added benefit of smudging is purification to fight against bacteria, dust and pollution. We also  recommended smudging when your not feeling well.

So how do you smudge? – It’s quite simple and there isn’t really a right or wrong way but this is our preferred way to smudge – Make sure windows are open to allow the stagnant/negative energy to be released. Light your Sage/Palo Santo stick over a fire resistant bowl, once ignited extinguish the flame to allow to smoulder, slowly releasing the cleansing smoke. Take a moment to set your intention and breathe deeply.

Example of intention you can set before smudging –‘ I release any stagnant or negative energy that does not serve me. I welcome positivity, protection & balance’  or whatever feels right for you.

Hold over the bowl and slowly fan around your body and your home.

Smudging is also great to incorporate in your meditation and manifesting ritual for more clarity and calm.

Place your selenite wand near your front doors or in a room to help cleanse & clear negative energy that may be brought into your home each day. Your selenite wand can be placed near your other crystals to amplify there energy and cleanse them.

Disclaimer – Please note that our cleansing ritual kit is a natural way to enhance your energy, health and wellness, it does not provide a direct cure to physical ailments and does not replace medical intervention. Always consult your doctor or health professional in the case of illness.

 WARNING– Snub out your Sage/ Palo Santo in your fire resistant bowl and make sure it’s completely extinguished, never leave unattended, keep out of reach of children and pets.

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Seller:  Empower London
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Seller:  Empower London
  Ask the seller a question

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