Star Seed

Reconnect to Earth with healing botanical skincare.

Find your way back to the soil, the seeds, the roots and the trees. Awaken your senses with our tantalising salves and elixirs.

Skincare, Beauty, Crystals
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About Star Seed

A regenerative skincare range: A minimalist botanical skincare routine. Reconnect to Earth with healing botanical skincare.

Star Seed is a pioneering skincare brand on a mission to regenerate the beauty industry. Their water-free botanical formulations rewild the skin’s microbiome & nurture sensitive skin. All the ingredients you find in their products are wild foraged and organically grown.

Their focus on circularity extends to the artisan wood & glass packaging, which is refillable, significantly reducing their water & carbon footprint. Star Seed partners with smallholder and tribal communities to address climate change and regenerate indigenous forests & mangroves in sourcing areas. Join the regeneration with Star Seed today.

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