1 Week Mini Bundle


Available: 3 x 5ml

1 Week Mini Bundle


Available: 3 x 5ml


Welcome to our 1 Week Mini Bundle.

It’s time to experience the transformative power of Star Seed. Whether it’s your first purchase or you’re
planning a rejuvenating week away, our wildcrafted 1 Week Mini Bundle is here to elevate your natural
skincare ritual to new heights.

Join the skincare regeneration with our botanical range, featuring:

Forest Cream (5ml): More than a daily moisturiser, our regenerative day cream re-wilds your skin
microbiome, tackling dryness, inflammation, and sensitivity. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin,
it’s your sanctuary for supple, replenished skin.

Moon Cream (5ml): The ultimate night cream for mature skin. Designed to combat collagen loss & sun
damage, the Moon Cream restores and revitalises your skin as you sleep. Wake up to nourished, soft,
and youthful-looking skin that glows with hydration.

Star Serum (3ml): Illuminate your skin with our hero product, preventing premature ageing and infusing a warm touch into your skincare routine. Welcome to a smoother, plumper, and glowing complexion.

Plant the seeds of beauty at home with every order and join our community in nurturing a cycle of
beauty and regeneration

Forest Cream:

  • Deeply moisturises & hydrates
  • Re-wilds Skin Microbiome
  • Soothes Irritated & Inflamed Skin
  • Repairs Broken Skin Barrier

Moon Cream:

  • Deeply nourishing
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Heals Sun Damage (Hyperpigmentation)

Star Serum:

  • Instant Golden Glow Effect
  • Prevents premature skin ageing
  • For silky, nourished skin
  • Vitamin A Boost


  • Patch test before use.
  • This product may contain traces of nuts.
  • Apply to a moist face after cleaning.
  • Use a spoon to portion the product and screw back the lid after use.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep the product dry & clean.
  • Store in a cool, dark place.

All our products are refillable, we will even reward you with £5 of your next purchase if you return your
used glass jar.

The packaging is also 100% recyclable and arrives with a box full of mixed UK Wildflower Seeds you can plant at home.


Shipping: Free Shipping on 1 Week Mini Bundle

Seller:  Star Seed
  Ask the seller a question

Seller:  Star Seed
  Ask the seller a question

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