Candles, Incense & Scented Oils
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KOKORO: Japanese for connecting mind, body & spirit. If you have a good KOKORO, you’re feeling good in your mind, body & soul.

My Japanese inspiration comes from studying it at school.

I appreciate their values and their minimalistic way of living, from fasion, interior design, packaging architecture & even food. The aesthetics evolve around pure, clean living, holding tightly to balance. Less is More.

I Produce Candles, perfume oils & incense sticks, Combining carefully hand selected 100% pure fragrance oils to all my products.

Each creation is delicately made by me from scratch in small or large batches, depending on the quantity.

They are then labelled, wrapped, boxed and sent off.

My candles are made with 100% pure coconut soy wax, vegan friendly & blended with a stunning scent.

As the wax melts, you can enjoy it as a nourishing skin lotion.. enjoy the way it moisturizes your body .

My perfume oils are unisex, no alcohol, no water, 100% pure fragrance oil, and grapeseed oil. Can be used all over the body for a longer lasting scent.

My incense are dipped in lovingly selected scents, soaked and naturally dried, ready to burn.

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