Essential Crystal Kit


Available: Kit includes 5 crystals

Essential Crystal Kit


Available: Kit includes 5 crystals

The Essential Crystal Kit is a collection of our all time favourite Crystals to help balance your mind, body and soul. From love, communication, abundance, protection and clarity Our medium raw Crystal have you covered.

Rose Quartz – This is the ultimate love crystal. Rose Quartz promotes compassion, self-love and self-worth while also healing a broken heart and manifesting new love. Rose Quartz is a great crystals to keep anywhere in your home to let the love flow or keep with you throughout the day.

Clear Quartz– This is the ultimate Crystal to encourage clarity in your life, It helps in clearing and healing emotional blockages .Use your Clear Quartz during meditation and your morning manifesting ritual to amplify the connection with your desirers and goals.

Calcite – This is the ultimate Crystal to soothe and aid in relaxation of the body. Calcite also assist in calming and quieting the mind. It helps to filter out unwanted negative vibrations while boosting positive energy. Keep this Crystal on the side of your bath while relaxing in the tub after a long day.

Pyrite -This is the ultimate Crystal for attracting wealth and abundance. Pyrite is an amazing protection stone and helps to shield negative energy. Pyrite will boost your confidence and self -worth. Keep this crystal near your workspace to help you feel energised and inspired.

Amethyst- This is the ultimate Crystal for balancing emotions and aiding transformation. Use your Amethyst to soothe your stress, create peace and calm in your space. Dispel fear and anxiety and let your mind truly rest. Keep your Amethyst on your bedside table to aid in a deep dreamy sleep.

Please note-  As each Crystal is unique and individual they may differ slightly in colour, shape and size. You may also find some natural imperfections that make them even more beautiful.

What are Crystals?

Crystals are minerals that are naturally formed underground all over the world.  A crystal’s appearance depends upon the type of conditions in which it grows. All crystals are formed in there beautifully unique way, some are tiny, some are huge and some form over thousand of years. These stunning natural creations holds there own unique energy and magic from mother earth. Each object is surrounded by its own energy, frequency and vibration and crystal hold the highest vibration or aura in the universe. It is proven that the colour and formation of crystals can have a profound effect on our wellness and between them can lift our mood and have an impacted on physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of our  life. By surrounding ourselves with the right crystals can improve our attitude and well-being and also affect the energy of an environment we are in. You can use crystals in different ways, they can be placed around your home, kept close to you throughout the day or used during your daily ritual of meditation and manifesting.

You should always cleanse any new crystals you get to clear away any stagnate or negative energy and start afresh. If you use them for healing, meditation or guidance, cleanse after. Your crystals can be cleansed in different ways, here are a few options.

1 .Put them outside or on a windowsill on a full moon to recharge.

2.Place on your windowsill to recharge in daylight for around 10 hours

3. Use the rain as a way to cleanse them with water, or simply run under water

4. Smudge them with a Sage or Palo Santo.


Please note-  As each Crystal is unique and individual they may differ slightly in colour, shape and size. You may also find some natural imperfections that make them even more beautiful.

Disclaimer -Please note that healing Crystals is a natural way to enhance your energy, health and wellness, they do not provide a direct cure to physical ailments and does not replace medical treatment. Always consult your doctor or health professional l in the case of illness.

Shipping: £2.99 Standard delivery (3-5 business days)
Seller:  Empower London
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Seller:  Empower London
  Ask the seller a question


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