How do you spend your energy?

Your energy is sacred, it is your life source

I would like you try something this week. I would like you, to consciously think about your energy as if it were money. How you spend your energy, your money, your currency, is what will grow and is what you invite in to your life.

If everything you feed energy to grows, do you really want to watch that film that doesn’t feel good? Do you want to listen to people speaking negatively about others? Do you want to watch the news that rarely seems to report happy and positive news? Do you want to spend money on something you don’t really want? Do you want to grow these energies? Do you want more of this in the world and in your life? Or would you rather feed your energy in to positive and nourishing conversation, choosing to always see the silver lining? Do you want to watch things that educate you and make you laugh? Do you want to spend your time and energy encouraging others to do the same?

Your energy is sacred, it is your life source. Spend it on things you want more of in your life.

Sending love,

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