Apatite Heart Pendant


Apatite Heart Pendant




Such a rich crystal energy is coming from this apatite piece poised in embrace by 14k filled gold wire to become a nice pendant . Your crystal heart is genuine and cleansed.

Beautiful in blue, Apatite takes its name from Greek and whispers in all the shades of the Aegean Sea. From blue to green she shimmers in her ocean moods, bringing the lyrical lilt of water, flow and the spiritual attunement to the earth and the land. Apatite is an amazing stone for those who forever feel like their voice is drowned out by the waves that crash onshore.

While its name comes from the Greek word meaning deceit, Apatite takes its power from the opposite. This is a stone that soothes with its strong commitment to truth. Although Apatite glimmers with ocean colors, it is actually a stone that resonates with Gemini and a breath of fresh air. It connects to the throat chakra, inviting you to live in the light and free flow of truth always.

Wire wrapping is made from 14k Filled Gold – a thick layer of gold is pressure bonded onto base metal. Filled gold is an affordable alternative to solid gold & it wears similarly. It’s a more durable alternative to gold plate or vermeil.

Crystals chosen are sourced locally, supporting small business friends or are from ethical gemologists. They are cleansed and sent with reiki.

Shipping: Ship Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Seller:  Core Crystals
  Ask the seller a question

Seller:  Core Crystals
  Ask the seller a question


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