Superfood Blend – Super 6 Detox


Available: 450g

Superfood Blend – Super 6 Detox


Available: 450g

This supplement is an overall powerhouse and is perfect for anyone who is trying to detox their body or just looking for something to take daily for the utmost optimum overall health.

This supplement also removes mercury, aluminum, lead, pesticides, herbicides, bisphenol a, cyanide, ammonia, sodium fluoride, arsenic, mucus, glyphosate, formaldehyde and many other harmful chemicals and metals that affect the body and brain.

  • One month supply/450g/powder
  • 100% raw, organic, pure & natural
  • Repair, revive, rejuvenate
  • Can be mixed with H&H Sea Moss Gels
  • Complete protein and all amino acids
  • Full body detox
  • Abundant in antioxidants, omega 3.6.9, fiber, vitamins, minerals
  • Decalcifies the pineal gland
  • Gene food consistent
  • High in alkaline
  • Removes heavy metals, toxins, chemicals
  • Over 300 medicinal properties


Packed full of nutrients, minerals & antioxidants, this blend is our signature Superfood Blend boasting high levels of Protein, Fiber & Omega 3,6 & 9!

30% Hemp, 30% Cacao, 16% Kale, 8% Turmeric, 8% Chlorella, 8% Barley Grass

Stir 1 heaped tsp (5g) of Green Powder into a cold or hot drink, add to smoothies or stir into food & consume at least once daily. We recommend a maximum of 3-4 (15-20g) servings in one day. Due to the natural vitamin & mineral content do not exceed the maximum dose. Nutrition is all about quality, not quantity!

Please note the listed health benefits of our products are subject to opinion and should not be taken as medical advice.

Nutritional benefits may vary from one person to another. You should always consult with a medical professional before incorporating herbal remedies into your diet, particularly if you are taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding.

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  Ask the seller a question

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