Embodied Breathing Beads

Available: Length: 6in (15cm) - Ring inner size: 1 7/8in (20mm)

Embodied Breathing Beads

Available: Length: 6in (15cm) - Ring inner size: 1 7/8in (20mm)


When feeling stressed or anxious, breathwork can help us soothe anxiety and re-gain our calm within minutes. However, counting can be distracting and keep us in our “head.” We created these breathing beads to release the mental effort required to count to be more fully with your breath.

Using the sensation in your fingertips, simply feel and breathe.

Why we created it:

One of our many superpowers includes being a somatic-psychotherapy practitioner: we know the power and importance of the body-mind connection.

When we feel stressed or anxious, we like doing breathing techniques such as box-breathing or 4-7-8 as a perfect way to re-gain our calm within minutes. We found through that counting could be a bit distracting and keep us in our heads. If someone else was counting, the pace didn’t usually align.

To help with this, our Embodied Breathing Beads were born! By using the body-mind connection, this allows your body to set your own perfect breathing pace, bringing you deeper into the practice.

  • Howlite crystal / Tiger Eye Crystal / Wood, metal – depends on the chosen style
  • Tiger’s Eye: an extremely grounding and protective stone, connecting us with our inner power and integrity. Helps to soothe anxiety caused by fear.
  • Howlite: an extremely calming stone, helping us cool down fiery tempers and slow down heartbeats. Helps with stress related anger. It stills the mind and calms turbulent emotions, promoting calm and reasoned communication.
  • Wood: connecting us with the energy of nature and quiet wisdom of the forest

Put the ring on a finger of one hand – we like to use our index finger, but it works perfectly well on any other. Hold the beads between your thumb and your index finger of your other hand and gently glide your fingers down over the beads in a slow, steady pace.

To enhance the sensation, try doing this with your eyes closed. It will help you create more awareness in your fingertips.

You’ll notice that the string has 3 different areas: large beads at the top, smaller ones in the middle, and large ones again at the end.
Those are your cues: to inhale (top beads), hold (middle beads), and exhale (bottom beads). There is no need to count, just follow the differences in the beads and feel the sensation in your fingertips.

Let’s start. Hold the top bead between your fingers. Close your eyes if it feels good. While gliding down your fingers slowly over the beads keep inhaling through your nose as long as the sensation in your fingers is the same.

A change to the smaller beads prompts you that it’s time to hold your breath. Hold it as long as the gliding sensation in your fingers is the same. When you notice that beads get bigger again, it’s your cue to start to exhale through your mouth until your fingers reach the end of the string.

Gently move your hand back to the beginning of the beads and repeat: inhale until you feel the change in the size of the beads, giving you the cue to hold your breath. Hold it until the next change in size when that signals it’s time to exhale. Keep repeating, and voila! You have the perfect 4-7-8 breathing rhythm.

Also note that a particular rhythm is not necessary to breathe and enjoy the beads. Experiment! They are naturally calming and feel good carrying them in your pocket, wearing them, or wherever else that will provide the reminder to breathe!

Available to buy early 2023

Shipping: Shipped from NY, USA

Seller:  em-body-ment
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Seller:  em-body-ment
  Ask the seller a question


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