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The highest quality functional supplements for better Calm, Focus, Immunity, Sleep & Vitality. Trusted by our partners and the wellness community.

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We are Treed

Conventional medicine has outgrown its usefulness. Today, drug companies are involved in every single part of the healthcare system, and they make millions of pounds keeping people unwell every single year. Yet as humans, we all have a system in our bodies that interacts directly with CBD to help us maintain our natural homeostasis (balance) in our minds & bodies. This system is called the Endocannabinoid System, and it’s responsible for every single physiological and psychological response in our anatomy. And CBD communicates directly to it.

Pharmaceuticals are designed to repair, CBD is intended to heal. And that’s exactly our purpose.

We’re bringing it back to what healing should truly be about: you and your true self – in mind, body and spirit.

Jonathan Stefanni-Machado (CEO & Founder)

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